FOREalert July-4th rollout at Hollister grand success

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Hollister Police Department successfully rolled out FOREalert for their citizens to report illegal fireworks and noise-disturbances during the Independence Day holiday. The app opened at 5pm on July-4th and several officers were specifically on-duty for responding to the reports through the APP.

By 8pm, the app was used to report 300+ incidents which the force actively responded. By 10pm, there were more than 600 incidents reported through the app. Officers were able to respond directly to the location (within 100 meters of the reported location). Several citations for illegal firework usage was made in Hollister.

FOREalert received overwhelmingly positive response on this rollout at Hollister. The police officers were extremely busy with these reports to help their citizens and could precisely respond to the reports. The citizens found the app extremely easy to use and happy with the privacy with which the app allowed them to communicate with authorities.

FOREalert is now receiving several inquiries for expanded usage in other geographical locations as well as different private and public settings. If your organization or entity is interested to explore on how FOREalert could help in communicating within the group especially in crisis management and emergency response, please contact us today